I’m a 23 year old girl from Sweden and are now studying webdevelopment at Medieinstitutet in Malmö. Im working with open source CMS and coding and develop websites are a passion even though Im quite new in the branch. I have done some small projects and you find them here.

Im a equstrian photographer that mainly takes photos in south of Sweden. if you’re searching pictures from horse shows go check out my facebook or send me an e-mail. Here I only have a small portfolio and you find it here.

If there is anything you wonder about don’t hesitate to contact me at



This is Bruno, he’s a 3 years old Prazky Krysarik / Chihuahua mix with a weight of 2 kg. He is full of happiness, love and energy! He loves his fluffy blanket, chicken fillets and empty paper rolls!

Thers never a boring day when Bruno’s around, he alwys come up with some crazy things to do…

He’s also my super model, and code problems solver, he’s taking his job very seriously and never makes you dissapointed. You’ll find his photo album here.